Psychic Readings
Call me at 1-619-451-8364
Special Offer $10 For 10 Minutes. First time callers.

Current Rates:
15 minutes $25
20 minutes $40
30 minutes $50
Credit and debit cards accepted. Minimum 15 minutes.

Chat/Text Readings $2/minute. 
Minimum 10 minutes

Astrology Readings
Get a more personalized astrology reading with your most personal top 5 questions answered for the price of 99. The reading is for the next 4-5 years into the future. This includes a 12 month forecast($15 value) and Solar Return report ($20). Just send me your date, time and place of birth and your top five questions to get this astrology reading. Get your answers within 48hrs. Get more details by clicking this link Astrology Reading You can also email me for more info. Includes 45 minute phone session.
Email Readings
If you are looking for an email reading it's $20 each question. You can email me at  If you have multiple questions you may qualify for a bundle discount rate.
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